Take the shocking news in the not so shocking way!


When adversity strikes, that’s when you have to be the most calm. Take a step back, stay strong, stay grounded and press on

-LL Cool J

So, you are all prepared for that one big thing you always knew is coming your way, you are excited, brain is super charged with all the big changes coming your way and your body is buoyant with ecstasy.  There is not anything in this trillion million thousand galaxies in the universe which would not allow the things to happen the way you wanted. And then it happens! That eeny wheeny tiny things which just didn’t allow the things to happen. Argghh the agony, the crashing of the celestial events and finally the down pour in one’s heart. Oh the feeling of being victimized.

Now, there is nothing one can do about such insignificant bad things happening to one-self. But at this moment we all have that one choice, which is to stay calm and accept the reality a such. Our usual reaction would be to get tensed, frustrated and ultimately get depressed or worse go on an eating spree. Jokes apart, this seriously does have wrong consequences on the long run. But if we were to just to be calm at that very moment and then wonder about the situation, it would definitely do a world of wonders.

This is not some philosophical bragging, but something I am practicing these days which is making realize what a difference it is giving in the my both personal and work life. Without getting in to details, there was a sudden change of plans what was supposed to be an exciting working month, filled with wonderful business plans and travel. But without notice came the news that all these things need to be cancelled. Hopelessly crashed were my feelings on all the plannings, hard efforts and all the good benefits it would reap in the near future. Now I could have been real mad about the whole thing, and would have blamed other things, and would have been in a real bad mood later that day and eventually carrying it over into my personal life as well. But I just kept to my nerves and gave a thought maybe its not bad after all. Everything in this world is transient as such, and I haven’t lost all that precious a thing. Yes, maybe I would have not been able to experience better things in life, but if not now, maybe in the near future. This did have a wonderful effect. Normally, I would react and would start blaming things, and be frustrated about the whole episode. This eventually would bring bad effects in both work and personal life, affecting overall quality of life. However this time, I was able to be in the present moment and already started working on alternatives. Everything went about the usual way and things was still bright and cheerful.

This truly, is one good thing I have been able to combat, when life would give lemons. So when a shocking news comes over, which it will do, take it in the not so shocking way.




Never give up on your resolutions!

Never give up. Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse, but the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.

Jack Ma


I was browsing lately my social media pages and felt I should change some of personal settings. Apparently I came across the section: My Website. Years ago I had updated the link to this very website. I was curious and thought best to visit the page, so as to check what I had been writing few months back when I was bit interested with blogging. Though with some reluctance not be embarrassed of what I would have written. There were many a sections, and to my surprise I felt, “Did I write all these articles?”. Interestingly I came across this blog of mine where I had mentioned about new year resolutions and sticking by it no matter what. Also to my surprise it was not a bad writing at all, given the fact that, all these were actually my genuine feelings and philosophies which I practice in my daily life.

This made me realise that, the resolution was not bad at all. Had I not tried writing all this down, today I wouldn’t be reading and wouldn’t have understand how much I have changed in my life in just few months, while my core principles in life still remains in the same. To further, I told myself internally, that I need to continue with my previous resolutions and no matter how long it takes, I should never give up, and thats how I got title for this blog. I must admit that I am actually enjoying putting down the things and sharing, not because somebody else will benefit, but I myself benefitted by reading it. After that, I returned back to some of other goals I had in my mind and started immediately penning down what can be done today about so that I can reach those long term goals in the near future. Till date to my record, I don’t think I have failed in any of the goals I jotted down. Maybe it would have taken more time, but I did get to enjoy them eventually.

So all in all I would like to say, even if it is too late to realise your new year resolutions now, make since and true to heart efforts in realising the same. Hoping I keep continuing my goals, so that I am better prepared when another new year comes by.


Yet another day and what do we have here!

I am the kind of person who always wears earphones while commuting in my bike, enjoying the music. But lately I haven’t been able to add new music in my iPhone and the playlist had begun to bore. So very lately I am experimenting on not wearing the earphones. I must admit there is some sense of  introspection that happens without the music. Research tells that those who dont listen to music and jog burn out more calories than the ones who jog while listening to music. This sort of hinted that maybe its true. I have a long way to commute from my place to office. So its a blessing in disguise that I have to listen to myself all the way. Its sort of a meditation on the move and to analyse the soul.

Its not that I am telling myself to move away from music. No far from that. All that I am telling myself is that, even if its music, its always better to do one thing at a time and never to multitask, even if its listening to music. Also its a different experience when you listen to music and just listen to music while doing nothing else. Guess in today’s world, we need to shove all the multitasking and just be focused on one thing at a time.

Making a comeback to blogging!

It’s “pitter-patter” raining outside, while I am warm and tucked with with my macbook writing this blog. I must admit, the last time I was blogging was during the last months of 2014 and in the beginning of 2015. After that its the usual breaking of resolution that I held close to my heart. Come on, after the new year, we get back to work, we become busy, we have chores to do and what not many other busy things we have to chase in this mundane lifestyle. Hmm! What a pity, it just sounds just like any other mundane excuse.

Ok, here is what happened, when I had the resolution to blog, it all started with just the sheer excitement to just start typing and allowing the mind to throw its creativity. But as the days went by, it felt mundane again and a kind of drudgery began to come over. This only meant that I never started enjoying the blogging. I was just running behind goal to keep up with the writing. But this never became an enjoyable work. Research states that something that is not enjoyable will eventually lose its attraction to be involved and eventually one quits. True to the findings of the research I did quit.

So now the one thing I keep pondering is, what made me a comeback. It’s thanks to this little book by Peter Bregman: 18 Minutes: Find Your Focus, Master Distraction, and Get the Right Things Done, where I learnt by the authors experience that its not all about being perfect, but its about keeping it going. By behaviour I am a perfectionist, and I started to introspect the life so far. It came as a shocker that, though I was good in a lot of things in life, I had easily quit, because I couldn’t be perfect. This slowly had become a habit to me and I was on a quitting spree in a lot of good things that I had initiated whole heartedly. From the likes of guitar, to pencil sketching, portrait making, photography and many other things. It’s not that I was exaggerating the claims. When I did go around asking, I found many asking me about keeping up with my hobbies and how well I was doing in certain kind of hobbies. Sadly this was the reality all my life. So with this introspection, I felt that its high time I realised not to chase perfection, but at action, even if it means being imperfect.

Now, I was asking this next question, if I am not chasing perfection, how can I ever attain something similar like what Steve Jobs got, or Amir Khan got or Margret Thatcher got. Hmm, then it dawned, even they were not perfect initially, but they were very persistent with what they were after and eventually they attained it.

So bottom-line, I realised that its better to just write a blog and pour out the genuine feelings, rather than think about a perfect story to cook or be worried about comments on the grammar. Its all about just doing it. Way to go Nike!

Well, the pitter patter rain is slowly fading away and here I come to the end of blog that otherwise would have ended up as an excuse and would never have been written.

Meditation: Calming that inner monkey of the mind!

The thing about meditation is: You become more and more you. – David Lynch

   From the cacophony of alarm in my phone and a snooze later, I woke up on a chilly morning with a desire to install a new habit. What was that new habit? Well, no prizes for guessing and it was to start meditation.
What made me start meditation? Well, I always had this perception that it is something difficult to start. The numerous articles, videos and other tons of information online made me confused as to how to start. I then did some research online and finally came across this video from a personal development expert, Leo Gura. I was impressed with the simplicity of his explanation and his teachings of how easy and subtle meditation is in reality. Because of that simple explanation, I felt it could actually be easy, and decided to give it a try. 
   After freshening up, I rolled down my yoga mat, sat in a comfortable posture and closed my eyes to start the session. I thought to myself that it was this simple. But it was only a matter of seconds before the ‘drunken-monkey’ mind started jumping inside. But I just followed what the expert had told in the video and spent the next twenty minutes meditating. At one point of time all this simple postures started  producing slight pain and thoughts were becoming heavy. Yet, I just told myself not to react and maintained the calm posture. End of that session, I realised though it seems simple, it actually is a challenge to keep your mind at peace. The prime purpose of the meditation is to calm the excited mind and reach the state of being even with oneself. 
   Now, the exciting part. I must admit, the whole of that day I was as calm as I ever could have experienced. Though there were all the regular chaos of life being thrown at me, I was able to be at peace. I went around doing things which normally I would procrastinate. Instead of reacting to people who would usually irritate me, I was able to respond and went about my day without being irritated with anyone. I could also curb the temptations of being hooked to time killers and instead was able to spend time for productive things.
   Meditation seriously is the need of the hour in today’s hectic life. With the kind of impatience, anger, ego driven life; meditation can be the panacea for the long-term. So do give meditation a try, and I can assure you that, you will never be disappointed with the results. Besides it’s free, there is nothing to lose if you give it a try. 

It’s worth it to say NO when it’s worth it

“Learn to say ‘no’ to the good so you can say ‘yes’ to the best.”
― John C. Maxwell

Going against some realised norms is very difficult. But having the perseverance to follow upon your values is the true gold you discover. Just because some part of the crowd is right doesn’t mean they are the true representative of the whole world. You are the best judge for the circumstances you are facing and if your intuitions tells you to follow your values and not to go along with the crowd norms then so be it. If you happen to be a yes-man or yes woman, then you will be making a lot of people around you happy for that present moment. But on the very long term you will be hurting yourself and at the same time the people you would have made happy sometime ago would have moved on in their lives giving little damn to what you are up to now.

This happened to me and I thought I should share this. Not to put down someone, but it’s a lesson which I was proud to have practised after months of knowing that being a yes-man was becoming my weakness. It so happened that early in the morning I was called for a invitation work for the upcoming college fest and to execute the work on the very same day. Well, I am person who doesn’t like to work on impulse and would like some sort of intimation at least a day before so that I could plan ahead and put my already hectic schedules in place. So when few peers came around and informed I naturally declined to do the work. Naturally this issue went up the ladder and the a larger group came up to me telling how wrong I was and that I should heed to their request. I declined again. The audacity of all this was that they were making feel guilty of the whole scenario though I still feel I am not at fault. Incidentally the teacher who I have good respect for, also felt I am not doing this right. Well, from their angle it does feels right and maybe they are right in their perceptions. But this doesn’t make me feel guilty either, cause I know the genuine reasons as to why I declined their request and followed my intuitions and reasonings in line with the value system which I follow.

There was a bit of emotions running high initially when I responded, but then, end of the day I felt I was very much right in declining. I felt proud that instead of just being a yes-man like in my past where I would make people happy and make myself sad, now I have started to be myself and acting according to the values which I follow. I truly felt that tinge of freedom flavour when being myself.

I hope that I keep discovering life as such. Hope this blog inspired some of the yes-man and yes-woman in your life and that you felt empathised towards my situation.

Don’t think too much, Just get back to doing what you love

This sunday morning, as usual got up very late. It is very usual of me to get up late on sunday mornings for the simple reason that unlike in the weekdays where I happen to get up as early as by 5 am. So to compensate for that sleep, I wake up very late on holidays or sunday morning. But this sunday I decided to myself that I will be doing something different compared to other days. I gave it a little thought and hit upon this idea of getting back to my guitar lessons. So I zipped open my guitar bag and brought out the guitar that lay happily inside its cocoon. Then tuned it to perfection and gave a light strumming. Ah! those lovely vibrations that came out, only a fine musician can appreciate the beauty even those simple vibrations give out from a fine guitar.

Then I played the guitar video lessons which till today never seem to be get completed. This again was my next goal, that is to complete the lessons on a steady and consistent basis. It started from the fundamentals and went on to learn from the scratch. I felt when one has been out of touch from their talents, to get back to it, they need to start from the scratch to get back their confidence, irrespective of whether they already know it. See, the emphasis here is on getting the confidence back. After spending about half an hour on the practice session, I did indeed feel good about getting back to my talents which I was very passionate about some years back. Though I am still passionate about it, I still sense there is more to do to get back to my passionate years.

So my learnings for the day:

-It’s never too late to get back to what you love doing the best
-Whatever it is, start from the scratch to get back your confidence

Don’t let that Talent go rusted!

I am a very curious guy by nature though my demeanour may tell an entirely different story. Naturally I was inclined to learn a lot of different arts which I would come across. As a kid I started off with colourful sketches using sketch pens. I used to take up difficult art forms and imitate to the details. I did not know how well I was doing until one day in my art exam my junior class teacher gave an exhilarating surprise and took the almost complete sketch art to another teacher to boast of her student’s new found talent. It did put a wide grin in my face and yes some jealous remarks from peers! (a trend which follows even today). Later as the years went on art was something that would take my mind to the heavens. One fine day my uncle gifted me a pencil sketch art book. It was mainly sketching using different hardness of pencil from natural HB(Hard Black) to 2B, 4B and 6B. Coincidentally, even in school, I was being taught this art. Compared to colours I was fascinated with the pencils because it was simple to use and required varying the pressure, strokes and having an imagination for shades. This was a complex combination of being simple yet having complex efforts in the making. Over the months I did make many sketches. I still have some archives of those sketches. I did win some awards for my sketch works during my senior years. But everything does have its limit. Sometimes we are just too busy to even recognise how slowly the talent gets eroded. So it happened to me. I just wouldn’t be able to find that time to get back to those sketches and eventually it so happened that I have just lost that knack for making those lovely pencil sketches I used to once make effortlessly.

Not that we should restrict that to only one talent, I was also involved in the learning of photography, guitar, table tennis, marathon, cycling. It’s not that I ventured into the above talents on a casual basis, but I was serious to an extent that I visioned myself winning on the global scale. This made me stretch myself and I did easily get into the top ranks of 10k marathon, or cycling over 100 Km in a day or playing guitar in front of a live audience in college for the first time and singing along as well. All this feat did really surprise me. But again with time and my attitude for taking things for granted always gets the better of it and eventually all these talents are happily dozing off to their oblivion.

So to combat my bad habit and to revive my talents for the better I have decided to be in touch with my talent every single day. Be it for 5 min like just holding the guitar or taking that pencil and stroking the white pages for hours, whatever actions makes it possible to get closer to the talent in me, I would grab that moment now.

Hope this post of mine did make some difference in your mind and hopefully helped you recollect your rusting talent. If so it’s time you picked it up, dusted it and started all over again so that you don’t let that talent go rusted.

Making a Comeback!

It’s been quite a while since I blogged. The last post being in July. Mind is harassed with a belief that there is a plenty to be done and too little of time left. Cliché indeed you must be thinking. Well, I am guilty of such accusations for the simple reason that all these are mere excuses in the end.

So then what makes me come back to writing this blog, it was these simple inspirations from simple people around me. It made me put a brake in the so called ‘Hurry-Burry’ life and come to my senses of holding on to thee my moment of my life. All it required is unplugging from the busy schedules and putting priorities which matters to me the most. I reflected, and then re- reflected and told myself that it’s me who is coming up with these excuses of not giving time for myself. Alas! such is the irony my dear friend.

What was even more inspiring to starting my blog again, was going through all the older blogs which I had written previously. I also got reminded of the reason why I started the blogging, which was to improve upon my writing. It’s a simple philosophy, the more you do of what you love to do the most, the more better you get at. As of now I am not quite good at writing. But at the same time I feel it is an essential requirement to learn the art of writing. It goes well with the old saying ‘The Pen is mightier than the sword’. I am anyways not sound in any combat or self defence art, so might as well learn the art of writing adding to the above analogy.

Hoping to be consistent in the blogging field henceforth (I just really hope), may all have a great weekend ahead.

Tough Times

I always get panicked when a lot of things come along flooding. But I am sure am not the only one. Hate it very much when it happens on the weekends. The thoughts of the ‘to do things’ just keep filling the good times I need to enjoy.

But, now I have started to take things in my own hand. There is no point wondering about spoilers you need to go through. So this is what I do now, I just go with my important priorities. I was surprised to discover that there was a lot of time that I got to enjoy. I also started to enjoy the moments rather than worry about the time I might waste. Besides I knew what the important priorities are and end of the day I was satisfied to having spent my time in a rightful manner.

The true testimony is the fact that  I am now able to write this blog, though a small one, in spite of not having the time and after a real long period. Ultimately what I have achieved, yes, ‘satisfaction’ of doing it. 

Hope this tiny blog made a difference to your thoughts. 

Have a happy weekend, Cheers!